The Comedian’s Football Podcast

The Comedian’s Football Podcast - LIVE Jamie Hutchinson

January 30, 2018

The Comedian's Football Podcast has gone LIVE!

Recorded at Gullivers in Manchester on 29th of January 2018, Chris is joined by; future Manchester United spokesperson and standup comedian Jamie Hutchinson and a sold out live audience.

There's all the regular features, including Unbelievable Jeff and the most frustrating quiz in football podcast history, The Hotseat. We also find out how Jamie set fashion trends in school, how he is ready to put Hasbro out of business, and why he hates the 04/05 season so much.

All proceeds from the live show, which also featured Stand Up performances from both comics, were donated to the fantastic charity, Mind.

You can get in touch with Chris about the show, or for anything else, on e-mail at , or on twitter and instagram, both @chriscopestake

We'll be back soon with Season 02, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.