The Comedian’s Football Podcast

S2 Episode 03 - Cash Boyle

May 18, 2018

Stand up comedian & Liverpool fan Cash Boyle is this week's lovely guest on The Comedian's Football Podcast!

Cash, Chris & Producer Dan talk about Liverpool's upcoming Champions League Final, the beauty of Jurgen Klopp, and the complexity of the underappreciated sprinkler. 

There's also stickers, strawberries and Suarez. Sweet sweet Suarez.

This week's Unbelievable Jeff brought back some great memories for Cash, but The Hotseat turns out to be one the most tense and nerve-wracking yet!

Cash also co-hosts the brilliant Anfield Agenda, which you can catch here:

Also, as mentioned in the show, tickets for a truly ridiculous line up at 'Best in Class' at The Edinburgh Fringe are on sale now ( and you can also follow the page on Facebook here;

Information and ticket links for Laughter Locker, hosted by Cash monthly in Liverpool, can be found here; 

And on top of all that, The Comedian's Football Podcast is going live for The World Cup as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe! Join Chris with the fantastic James Allen (4th of July) and the brilliant Ant Campbell (9th of July) at Gullivers on Oldham Street in Manchester. Tickets available now!

As always, you can get in touch with Chris & the show on Twitter @ChrisCopestake or on e-mail at

Until next time!