The Comedian’s Football Podcast

S2 Episode 01 - Chris Jones

April 25, 2018

The Comedian's Football Podcast is back!

Chris & Producer Dan are joined by Comedian & Celtic Fan Chris Jones for the triumphant return of the podcast for it's long awaited second series.

The guys discuss all things Bhoys, including domestic domination, European woes and of course, the Glasgow derby.

Chris tells us all about his awful introduction to football, the joys of the Scottish Football pyramid and how there's no such thing as too much Buckfast.

Some of the regular features are back, including Unbelieavable Jeff, and the most difficult football quiz on the internet, The Hotseat. Also, listen out for the moment when three men thought that opening packs of football stickers on the air could possibly be passed off as 'entertainment'.

As always, you can get in touch with Chris, and the show, on twitter @ChrisCopestake or via e-mail at

We're bloody delighted to be back!

Hope you enjoy it