The Comedian’s Football Podcast

S1 Episode 05 - Jamie Hutchinson

September 30, 2017

Chris is joined by Comedian & Manchester United fan Jamie Hutchinson for the latest installment of The Comedian's Football Podcast.

We discover how Jamie used to kill time during 'long summers' as a kid, what made him throw up in Blackburn, and just how he got caught out sneaking to Rome for a Champions League final.

Find out who Jamie contributes to the Comedy Football XI, what he makes of the infamous Dyer v Bowyer fight in this week's Unbelievable Jeff and, most importantly, how he copes under the spotlight in the toughest football quiz on the internet, The Hotseat.

All this, including some potential future work for Martin Kemp, and much much more, on Episode 05 of The Comedian's Football Podcast.

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