S2 Episode 03 - Cash Boyle

May 18, 2018

Stand up comedian & Liverpool fan Cash Boyle is this week's lovely guest on The Comedian's Football Podcast!

Cash, Chris & Producer Dan talk about Liverpool's upcoming Champions League Final, the beauty of Jurgen Klopp, and the complexity of the underappreciated sprinkler. 

There's also stickers, strawberries and Suarez. Sweet sweet Suarez.

This week's Unbelievable Jeff brought back some great memories for Cash, but The Hotseat turns out to be one the most tense and nerve-wracking yet!

Cash also co-hosts the brilliant Anfield Agenda, which you can catch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4B_hCk3keopt4-eJc8neiA/featured

Also, as mentioned in the show, tickets for a truly ridiculous line up at 'Best in Class' at The Edinburgh Fringe are on sale now (https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/best-in-class-free-festival) and you can also follow the page on Facebook here; https://www.facebook.com/wearebestinclass/

Information and ticket links for Laughter Locker, hosted by Cash monthly in Liverpool, can be found here; https://www.facebook.com/laughterlocker/ 

And on top of all that, The Comedian's Football Podcast is going live for The World Cup as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe! Join Chris with the fantastic James Allen (4th of July) and the brilliant Ant Campbell (9th of July) at Gullivers on Oldham Street in Manchester. Tickets available now!

As always, you can get in touch with Chris & the show on Twitter @ChrisCopestake or on e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com

Until next time!


S2 Episode 02 - Chris Tavner

May 9, 2018

Comedian & AFC Bournemouth fan Chris Tavner joins Chris & Producer Dan for the 2nd episode of the series.

The guys discuss wall-to-wall Bournemouth, including financial genius Harry Redknapp, World's Strongest Man 1999 Steve Fletcher and how the Tories might be preventing The Cherries' success. 
There's also an abundance of niche lower league references and obscure players to sink your teeth into.

As well as all this, there's the usual features 'Unbelieveable Jeff', and Chris T takes on the most overly difficult football quiz on the internet, 'The Hotseat'.

As per usual, you can get in touch with the show via e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com or in Twitter @ChrisCopestake

Enjoy, you beautiful human




S2 Episode 01 - Chris Jones

April 25, 2018

The Comedian's Football Podcast is back!

Chris & Producer Dan are joined by Comedian & Celtic Fan Chris Jones for the triumphant return of the podcast for it's long awaited second series.

The guys discuss all things Bhoys, including domestic domination, European woes and of course, the Glasgow derby.

Chris tells us all about his awful introduction to football, the joys of the Scottish Football pyramid and how there's no such thing as too much Buckfast.

Some of the regular features are back, including Unbelieavable Jeff, and the most difficult football quiz on the internet, The Hotseat. Also, listen out for the moment when three men thought that opening packs of football stickers on the air could possibly be passed off as 'entertainment'.

As always, you can get in touch with Chris, and the show, on twitter @ChrisCopestake or via e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com

We're bloody delighted to be back!

Hope you enjoy it



The Comedian’s Football Podcast - LIVE Jamie Hutchinson

January 30, 2018

The Comedian's Football Podcast has gone LIVE!

Recorded at Gullivers in Manchester on 29th of January 2018, Chris is joined by; future Manchester United spokesperson and standup comedian Jamie Hutchinson and a sold out live audience.

There's all the regular features, including Unbelievable Jeff and the most frustrating quiz in football podcast history, The Hotseat. We also find out how Jamie set fashion trends in school, how he is ready to put Hasbro out of business, and why he hates the 04/05 season so much.

All proceeds from the live show, which also featured Stand Up performances from both comics, were donated to the fantastic charity, Mind.

You can get in touch with Chris about the show, or for anything else, on e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com , or on twitter and instagram, both @chriscopestake

We'll be back soon with Season 02, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.



S1 Episode 10 - Brian Fletcher

November 4, 2017

For the final episode of the series, Chris & Producer Dan are joined by Accrington Stanley fan & Actor Brian Fletcher.

Brian tells the guys about collecting boots, Stanley's 'Cow Shed', and how he ended up wearing a full suit to his first ever game. We also find out which club Brian hates more than any other, and exactly what he thinks about Joey Barton.

The team gets finalised in The Comedy Football XI, there's the final Unbelievable Jeff of the series, and Brian pits his wits against the most overly difficult Football Quiz on the internet, The Hotseat.

The show will return for a second series in the New Year, but in the meantime, why not leave a kind & lovely review on iTunes, or get in touch on twitter @ChrisCopestake or by e-mailing chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com !

And there's also big news as Chris gives us details for the first ever Comedian's Football Podcast - Live date! 
Tickets available here;

Facebook event here;

Thanks to all our amazing listeners and brilliant guests for making Series 01 so much fun, we can't wait for Series 02!




S1 Episode 09 - Haseeb Malik

October 28, 2017

Comedian and Tottenham Hotspur fan Haseeb Malik joins Chris for Episode 9 of The Comedian's Football Podcast.

The boys talk Spurs legends past and present, White Hart Lane memories and goals so good that you're not quite sure how to react.

Find out how Haseeb rubbed salt into the wounds of a 90's Premier League referee, which comedy legend he contributes to The Comedy Football XI, and where abouts he finishes on the leaderboard of The Hotseat, the mostly unnecessarily difficult quiz on the internet.

You can get in touch with the show all the usual ways, by e-mailing chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com, on Twitter @chriscopestake, or through the forgotten medium of an iTunes review! 



S1 Episode 08 - Matt Bonanno

October 21, 2017

Malta's friendliest export Matt Bonanno is Chris' guest this week on the podcast.

Matt talks about supporting Man United from afar, and tells all about the time he met David Beckham, but not quite Roy Keane.

The boys talk favourite chants, favourite forward partnerships, and everybody's favourite pantomime villain, Luis Suarez

It's Matt's turn to feel the force of The Hotseat, and he also contributes one of his heroes to the Comedy Football XI.

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S1 Episode 07 - James Allen

October 14, 2017

Comedian, Liverpool fan and king of the retro kit James Allen is this week's guest on The Comedian's Football Podcast.

Find out which teams a young James naively supported, which Liverpool player saw him cry,  and just how satisfying he finds legs breaks.

The guys talk about England fandom, the inevitable tears that follow, and their mutual love of rubbish world cup games. 

James takes on the most stressful quiz in podcast history, The Hotseat, and there's all the other regular features too!

You can get in touch with the show on e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com , on twitter @ChrisCopestake or in the form of a lovely iTunes review. The choice is completely yours.



S1 Episode 06 - Pete Selwood

October 7, 2017

Barnsley's finest Pete Selwood joins Chris for the latest installment of the Comedian's Football Podcast.

The guys discuss all things Tykes, including Wembley woes, fat footballers and of course, the Welsh Wand, Darren Barnard.

We find out which Ex-Barnsley player Aston Villa just don't deserve, which current players Pete thought were rubbish, but weren't, and we find out just how much scoring in Year 9 Interform truly means.

All this and much more, including regular features Unbelievable Jeff, The Comedy Football XI and the most overly difficult Football quiz South of the Arctic Pole, The Hotseat.

You can get in touch with the show on e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com , on twitter @ChrisCopestake or in the form of a lovely iTunes review. The choice is completely yours.

S1 Episode 05 - Jamie Hutchinson

September 30, 2017

Chris is joined by Comedian & Manchester United fan Jamie Hutchinson for the latest installment of The Comedian's Football Podcast.

We discover how Jamie used to kill time during 'long summers' as a kid, what made him throw up in Blackburn, and just how he got caught out sneaking to Rome for a Champions League final.

Find out who Jamie contributes to the Comedy Football XI, what he makes of the infamous Dyer v Bowyer fight in this week's Unbelievable Jeff and, most importantly, how he copes under the spotlight in the toughest football quiz on the internet, The Hotseat.

All this, including some potential future work for Martin Kemp, and much much more, on Episode 05 of The Comedian's Football Podcast.

You can get in contact with Chris & the show all the usual ways, on e-mail at chriscopestakecomedy@gmail.com or on Twitter @ChrisCopestake

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